by Unquiet Grave

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released January 1, 2009

Recorded by Boulty at Stuck on a name, Nottingham, 2009

Artwork by Tomor



all rights reserved


Unquiet Grave Sheffield, UK

Unholy vegan punx

Vocals - Donna Thomas
Guitars - Simon Fitzpatrick
Drums - Olly Dean
Bass - Nick Royles

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Track Name: Filth
Beyond all conception
Agony burns with madness
Hopeless, thrashing body incarcerated in the darkness
Slick, precise torture
Someone switched off the lights, locked the door and clocked off
There he remains: the embodiment of sickness
Long, infernal night
Sterile smell of steel
Slipping out of consciousness
Crippled mind awakes to brutal reality
Birth was a cruel gift of utter tyranny
Take a body, a new born
Sculpt the ultimate misery
Feed the thing pain
Watch it leap and writhe
Tick your checklist
What a service to hell you provide
His eyes, searching yours
The hopeless wretch endures
Track Name: Brutality Continues
What sense is this?
Those who resist - stupefied, motionless, nihilistic
Passion dissolved in a flurry of self destruction
Minds switched off, resigned to chemical instruction
Inactivity serves the bastards
As you sleep, brutality continues
Your pleasure is fraud
When you awake there’ll be one more piece of you gone
Cutting your ties with this brutal world
Suppress and numb your ailing rage
Swallow a bottle of lies, forget the drone
Plough your body into a wall of fucking rock
Raise your acrid guts, retard your aching head
Collapse in stinking vomit, retch and spit
Regress to infancy, sleep in shit
There are enough chains weighing heavy on aching necks
I don’t need another shackle
I don’t want another thing dragging me down
Our path is fraught enough
Laced with violent opposition
Our fate will not be sealed
We will not accept submission
The human rot
The cultural blood clot
Submission fed to the waking dead
Track Name: Nobody
Sour, brutal youth
Raised in abject misery
Resented and unloved
Beaten for drunken sport
Adult, still a child
Stunted emotional runt
Communication blocked
Unable to be loved
Exposure triggers fear
Deafening silent screams
Horrified by kindness
Closeness equals death
Anxious, seeking calm
Cowering from the world
Shutting out the noise
Protected and unreachable
Track Name: The Extinguished Storm
Seven sisters lower their heads of ethereal white
Crashing waves rack their feet in the dead of night
Constant fucking pain all the time
You’re turning inward - inside where the horror dwells
No sanctuary, no respite, no freedom, no sanity
Tonight, slip out of life
Awake to bile, staggering and infantile
In the light, slip out of life
Manic eyes hold nothing in sight
Held down and gargling blood
Fear and panic race to the fore
Glorious peace, yours once more
Blue lips mouth words unheard
Alone he endures the storm
The waves are closing in
No pain, no fear, no breath now
The extinguished storm
Track Name: Avenues of Shit
Prisoners of a miracle languishing in hell
Forced to live as crippled slaves
Sentenced for their sex
Reproduction raped
Wire mesh mutilates
Wounds weep and bleed
Severed beaks throb agony
The death camps reek of rotting life
Corpses line the avenues, mummified in shit
Fecal mountain burns
Sixteen thousand cries
Unheard are the voiceless perishing inside
Sanitised and stamped with lies
Their cries have long been lost
Drowned by the roar of the aisle and the strip lights' throbbing glare
The sixteen thousand brothers' bones, crushed and cast aside
A never ending blue eyed mass, churned to oblivion
Never to know the sun
Never to relish the rain
You all plead ignorance or bleat necessity
As you cite tradition you create misery
Turn away
Tune it out
Arm the butcher